Pkcs11Interop  4.1.1
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Net.Pkcs11Interop.HighLevelAPI80.MechanismParams.CkCmsSigParams Class Reference

Parameters for the CKM_CMS_SIG mechanism More...

Inherits Net.Pkcs11Interop.Common.IMechanismParams, and IDisposable.

Public Member Functions

 CkCmsSigParams (ObjectHandle certificateHandle, ulong? signingMechanism, ulong? digestMechanism, string contentType, byte[] requestedAttributes, byte[] requiredAttributes)
 Initializes a new instance of the CkCmsSigParams class. More...
object ToMarshalableStructure ()
 Returns managed object that can be marshaled to an unmanaged block of memory More...
void Dispose ()
 Disposes object More...

Protected Member Functions

virtual void Dispose (bool disposing)
 Disposes object More...

Detailed Description

Parameters for the CKM_CMS_SIG mechanism

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ CkCmsSigParams()

Net.Pkcs11Interop.HighLevelAPI80.MechanismParams.CkCmsSigParams.CkCmsSigParams ( ObjectHandle  certificateHandle,
ulong?  signingMechanism,
ulong?  digestMechanism,
string  contentType,
byte []  requestedAttributes,
byte []  requiredAttributes 

Initializes a new instance of the CkCmsSigParams class.

certificateHandleObject handle for a certificate associated with the signing key
signingMechanismMechanism to use when signing a constructed CMS SignedAttributes value
digestMechanismMechanism to use when digesting the data
contentTypeString indicating complete MIME Content-type of message to be signed or null if the message is a MIME object
requestedAttributesDER-encoded list of CMS Attributes the caller requests to be included in the signed attributes
requiredAttributesDER-encoded list of CMS Attributes (with accompanying values) required to be included in the resulting signed attributes

Member Function Documentation

◆ Dispose() [1/2]

void Net.Pkcs11Interop.HighLevelAPI80.MechanismParams.CkCmsSigParams.Dispose ( )

Disposes object

◆ Dispose() [2/2]

virtual void Net.Pkcs11Interop.HighLevelAPI80.MechanismParams.CkCmsSigParams.Dispose ( bool  disposing)

Disposes object

disposingFlag indicating whether managed resources should be disposed

◆ ToMarshalableStructure()

object Net.Pkcs11Interop.HighLevelAPI80.MechanismParams.CkCmsSigParams.ToMarshalableStructure ( )

Returns managed object that can be marshaled to an unmanaged block of memory

A managed object holding the data to be marshaled. This object must be an instance of a formatted class.

Implements Net.Pkcs11Interop.Common.IMechanismParams.

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