Pkcs11Interop.PDF  1.3.0
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 NPkcs11InteropBase namespace of Pkcs11Interop project
 NPDFBase namespace of Pkcs11Interop.PDF project
 CCertificateRepresents certificate accessible via PKCS#11 interface
 CCertUtilsUtility class that helps with certificate processing
 CObjectNotFoundExceptionException indicating that requested object was not found on the token
 CPkcs11ExplorerExplores devices accessible via PKCS#11 interface
 CPkcs11RsaSignaturePKCS#1 v1.5 RSA signature creator that uses private key stored on PKCS#11 compatible device. In multithreaded environment one instance of this class should be reused by all the threads.
 CPrivateKeyRepresents private key accessible via PKCS#11 interface
 CTokenPKCS#11 token (smartcard)
 CTokenNotFoundExceptionException indicating that requested token was not found